Team Bonding Creative Outings

The beach is a perfect canvas for work teams to unwind together as they create collaborative art. The opportunities for team bonding/development are many.


"Art and business success go together hand in hand for a very good reason − they are both about creativity."
~Jim Anderton


Open i Arts provides insightful, fun, relaxing, art-based workshops for business teams and groups to explore creative expression and team-bonding. Our programs are centered around large-scale, temporary, environmental art works and are designed to facilitate deeper self and interpersonal connection while offering participants powerful experiences.

Our aim is to enhance team creativity and strengthen group dynamics through unique, transformative, art-based experiences. We offer programs tailored to meet each group's needs.


Our 2.5-3 hour team bonding program focuses on enhancing team creativity and strengthening group dynamics.

It consists of:
  • a pre-gathering assessment meeting to determine the needs of the company/group
  • solo warm up activity/s
  • activities in pairs and small groups to generate creativity and encourage team efforts
  • optional- brief discussion/debriefing between activities: how activity relates to the work and team
  • collaborative design and large-scale "earthscape" painting activity
  • lunch and final debriefing (to discuss what was learned/application of learning(s) in work/life
  • an image file is delivered for printing purposes
Program availability is dependent upon the conditions of the location we'll be using (tides, amount of beach available, weather, etc).

"Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual." ~Arthur Koestler
Our base rate for groups up to 15 people is $3000 for programs held in the greater SF Bay Area. Each additional person is $100. Lunch/snacks/water will be provided for an additional $30/person. Travel fees apply outside the SF Bay Area. Souvenir photos are provided for an additional fee based on format/size of print.